BiH Color Festival 2016

Contestant Name: Mataka

What can you win? DJ slot in front of few thousands of people

Why you should vote for me: Please vote for me (Mataka) so I can prove anyone that my music and passion is different than the others.I'm one of the rare producers in the poll,and I wanna show them that eventhough I'm only 17 I can be the best.A lot of DJs in the poll are hating on me for no reason,and I think there is no better way to show them who is the boss than winning.Thank you all,I'm really gratefull to all of you.I will vote for everyone who needs it.Thanks!

Contest End Date: 05/01/2016

Voting Website:

Voting Details:

The voting ends 1.5.2016,I need to get as much votes as possible!

Voting Frequency: Once

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