CHASE Mission Main Street Grants

Contestant Name: Indu Jayakumar

What can you win? $150,000 grant for setting up software lab to help small business owners and innovators

Why you should vote for me: We need the grant to set up this software lab to help small business owners connect with innovators. Currently too much money is wasted by small business owners on software they do not need or not appropriate for their business. Innovators keep selling software to small business owners without really testing and they go out of business in couple of years leaving the small business owner to struggle. We are trying to avoid this situation by educating small business owners and innovators.

Contest End Date: 10/17/2014

Voting Website:

Voting Details:

You can vote once via Facebook. Click on the link and click on Vote. OR you can search for LocalBizNetwork at and then click on Vote. Very simple. Just one click. Thank you.

Voting Frequency: Once

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