Contest for Best Auto Repair in Spokane, Washington

Contestant Name: Rachelle S.

What can you win? 1st place, bragging rights. (A trophy that I buy for my husband because I am so proud of him!)

Why you should vote for me: We are the oldest auto repair facility in Spokane, we usually win this contest every year because my husband is an amazing mechanic & a superbly honest man, this year however we have major competition from some of our competition that have three shops & really shouldn't be in the auto repair category because all they really do is fix brakes. Please help our little family shop! Thank you so much!

Contest End Date: 09/07/2014

Voting Website:

Voting Details:

You can sign in with facebook. It’s really easy. Please don’t leave a tip/write anything on the city voter site. Thank you. I will always return the favor. Again thank you.

Voting Frequency: Once

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