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Contestant Name: Erick Quintanilla

What can you win? $2,000

Why you should vote for me: Texting and driving has become a nationwide issue that has led to nearly 330,000 injuries. 1 out of every 4 car accidents in the United States is caused by texting and driving. In order to prevent such issues from continuing to occur, we must acknowledge the problem and proclaim the importance of avoiding such a simple yet dangerous act. Although texting and driving may appear as a hidden or non-existent issue, we should not dissemble our opinions. Texting and driving is a constant factor which is (literally) driving us apart as humans. If we do not unite and take action now, the simple problem will congeal into a more complex issue.

Contest End Date: 05/07/2016

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Hey friends! I’ve recently entered a (music) competition for a scholarship and would greatly appreciate it if you guys voted for me! You can vote up to 10 times after you register (CAN VOTE EVERYDAY!) (easy sign-up!) and confirm your email. Link: Thank you all so much for helping out!!

Voting Frequency: Daily

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