DJ Contest $4000

Contestant Name: Dizkotek Panda

What can you win? I win a all paid 3 day trip to mexico. free airfare and board ocean view room all for 2 people .. Plus i win a dj spot to dj with world famous dis from around the world. Also the winning podcast wins a spot on there radio station. please vote for me it only takes 10 seconds log in thru Facebook .Thanks for supporting my dream ill return the favor :)

Why you should vote for me: Ive been djing since i was in 8th grade i love all music ! It has gotten me thru at times when i had nothing I've come a long way and worked very hard to earn this trip. Ive detected my life to music and created my own image with my djing disco panda!!!! My own piece of art that shows my love for life for music. :)

Contest End Date: 09/03/2014

Voting Website:

Voting Details:

Once you press the link, you log in thru Facebook, scroll down vote button is under comment button ! Click vote for entry and u should get a com # Thanks

Voting Frequency: Daily

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