DJ Facebook Contest (Arenal Sound 2015)

Contestant Name: Eyrsome

What can you win? 500€ and mixing at the Arenal Sound

Why you should vote for me: Because I'm a hard DJ worker which hasn't got a lot of opportunities and I think I'm good at it, you can check out here my last mashup:

Contest End Date: 05/18/2015

Voting Website:

Voting Details:

Hey guys, I’m a Spanish DJ and producer from Spain and I would like you vote me for a contest in order to mix in the festival 😀 1. Go to this link: https:// apps. facebook. com/concurso-djs-as/ (ALL TOGETHER) 2. Accept terms of licence. 3. Vote for Eyrsome I would be very grateful if you vote me, it only takes 10 seconds and no need to register, only login with Facebook, thank you so much again. Bye bye! 😀 PD: I also can vote you if you answer below!

Voting Frequency: Once

Contest Image:

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