Contestant Name: Couple D: Kaylin & Trevor

What can you win? $17,000

Why you should vote for me: Ultimate Dream Wedding! Couple D: Kaylin and Trevor The past six years have been a rollercoaster that has pushed us to the limits and tested our relationship in many ways. Seeing each other at our highest and lowest points has made our relationship and love for one another grow into something beautiful. We started out as high school friends that quickly became something we both never imagined. After dating for three years Trevor surprised me with the most amazing proposal. After setting two wedding dates and having to put our wedding on hold due to college expenses we are now able to tie the knot! The past few years have been filled with working multiple jobs, attending college, earning our degrees and planning for our future. Finally, the time has come where we get to close one chapter in our story and start a new one as husband and wife. They say being in love is amazing, but getting to be in love with your best friend is everything & more. We hope that we get the opportunity to make the ultimate commitment in our relationship with this dream wedding!

Contest End Date: 03/24/2015

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