Hit the right note singing competition

Contestant Name: Safwan

What can you win? Cash Prizes

Why you should vote for me: ADELE - All I Ask - (Cover by S.I.R) [LIVE RAW RECORDING] My version of Adele latest hits,All I ask..for Strepsils "Hit the right note" singing competition finale as I'm one of the top 5 from Malaysia will be competing against top 5 Singaporean. It takes more than 20+ times to get this video without letting a sore throat get in away, i hope you guys love it and enjoy my baritone voice =) Voting for the competition opens soon on 10 June 2016 and don't forget to follow my social Media's : Facebook : Facebook.com/sirsaff Instagram : Instagram.com/sirsaff Twitter : Twitter.com/sirsaff #hittherightnote #strepsilsmy

Contest End Date: 06/30/2016

Voting Website: http://www.strepsilstherightnote.com/movie/10

Voting Details:

Just need to press vote button. you need facebook account to vote

Voting Frequency: Once every 24 hours

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