IKEA Soft Toy Drawing Competition

Contestant Name: Stella

What can you win? Our drawing could be turned into a real IKEA Soft Toy.

Why you should vote for me: Stella is a very talented artists! if she wins, she will donate 100 soft toys to a charity in Brazil.

Contest End Date: 12/04/2017

Voting Website: https://info.ikea-usa.com/softtoy/voting/home/index/566037

Voting Details:

1. Click on the URL, and then click on the heart, it says VOTE. 2. Enter your email (just for the first time). 3. You’ll receive an email from Ikea asking confirmation, on the email Ikea sends, click on the link to confirm. 4. For the daily votes, just click on the heart on the link above, it won’t be necessary to enter your email every time.

Voting Frequency: Daily

Contest Image: