MTV U Freshmen Music Video Competition

Contestant Name: Hero The Band 'Give it Away'

What can you win? Hero The Band's Music Video Put In Rotation For 6 Weeks!

Why you should vote for me: Hailing from Atlanta, GA, Hero The Band is all about their blend of earnest and in-your-face indie rock and pop. The band's sound is a powerful blend of electronica, rock and R&B, echoing artists as diverse as Maroon 5, Fall Out Boy or Coldplay, just to mention a few. It's all about catchy hooks, relatable melodies and great times productions. As the name of the group suggests, "Hero The Band" set out for something ambitious and grandiose, but at the same time, every musician in the band maintains a humble spirit and a relatable approach that truly connects with listeners on a deeper level.

Contest End Date: 02/05/2016

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Step 1: Click this link: Step 2: Vote for the Hero The Band – ‘Give It Away’  Step 3: Refresh the page and vote as many times as you can! You can vote an unlimited number of times! 

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