OnePlus 3 Peer Review

Contestant Name: Avasz

What can you win? The new OnePlus 3 Handsent

Why you should vote for me: This is my first public voting campaign. Out of 17K applicants, only 60 were shortlisted and I am the only one from my country. Out of those 60 shortlisted candidates, only 30 will be receiving the prize. I currently am in 26th position. With your help I can secure the same position or move forwards. I do not need to get to the top, just make sure to secure my position within the top 30. Thank you for your kind help in advanced.

Contest End Date: 06/13/2016

Voting Website:

Voting Details:

You need an account in’s site. Easy steps: 1. Click on vote in the link 2. Login with your facebook or gmail 3. Accept the permissions 4. Click on vote again

Voting Frequency: Once

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