Original Art Contest

Contestant Name: Luna Girl

What can you win? up to $750

Why you should vote for me: I would really appreciate some reciprocal voting. I absolutely promise to vote strong and hard on whatever you want in exchange for a vote. I triple-dog-promise. I'm trustworthy. Also, artists are broke ass. I'm sorry, but we are broke ASS. lol. I worked super hard on this art and I think it has a shot to win.

Contest End Date: 10/31/2014

Voting Website: http://ow.ly/CT4uG

Voting Details:

Hi there – can be voted once per day per computer or device. There may be an email confirmation so watch your mail to confirm.

Voting Frequency: Once every 24 hours

Contest Image:

4 thoughts on “Original Art Contest

  1. Avatarlilash84

    I just voted! 391 Would you please share!!! We are in SECOND PLACE!!! Top voter has almost 2000 votes so we are pretty far behind! Can you please vote (you have to click the vote button not just the like button) once per day for my Zeus so he can win?… You can vote once every 24 hrs. If we win we will have free dog food for two years that will be used for our rescue dogs because my dogs have to remain on their diet BUT we save pit bulls and other mixed breeds so this will help tremendously!!! http://bit.ly/1r1Z8Gb

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