Timeflies Cover Contest

Contestant Name: Melissa Markoutsis

What can you win? Meet and Greets, tickets, merchandise

Why you should vote for me: Because my kids and I worked really hard on the video and love Timeflies

Contest End Date: 08/13/2016

Voting Website: http://wshe.es/SoS8Mn5m

Voting Details:

My favorites Timeflies have a cover contest going on right now and I had to enter it otherwise I would regret it. I can’t sing so I decided to do something different and I could really use your support. I need everyone to please click on the link and vote for me everyday through Friday. The first time you vote you will have to confirm you voted through email, after that you should be able to vote every 24 hours without confirming. Please tell everyone you know to vote also. I know you think I’m nuts but we all had a great time making the video. Thank you so much for your support! http://wshe.es/SoS8Mn5m

Voting Frequency: Once every 24 hours

Contest Image: