2020 Maxim Contest

Contestant Name: Kei'la Ryan

What can you win? $25,000 and the cover spot of Maxim Magazine

Why you should vote for me: I'm in the quarterfinals and voting kicks off again on Monday, July 6th! I've worked incredibly hard to pursue a modeling career ever since my years in high school, and this would be an absolute dream. I'm going against a lot of girls who can afford to buy more votes for themselves and I simply can't. So I'm asking for help wherever I can! It's totally free to vote everyday, and it would go a long way. Especially if you can ask others to do so as well. That doubles the votes I would get, etc. I could really use any help I can get. And I'll happily help anyone else out with votes in their own contests!

Contest End Date: 07/16/2020

Voting Website: https://maximcovergirl.com/2020/kei-39-la-ryan

Voting Details:

Just click on this link and select “Free Daily Vote.” It’s the black button underneath the tempting big red button. You have to have a facebook to vote, (to prove you’re a human), but it doesn’t share to your facebook or anything!

Voting Frequency: Once every 24 hours

Contest Image:

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