Antarctica Cruise Contest

Contestant Name: Kam Vachon

What can you win? Expedition to Antartica

Why you should vote for me: As a photographer, it's my dream to go to Antartica to document climate change and wildlife. I don't want this dream to stay a dream!

Contest End Date: 02/28/2019

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One time vote!

Voting Frequency: Once

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4 thoughts on “Antarctica Cruise Contest

  1. smatney

    done This is a Community Garden that my Husband and I created. The In Memory of Community Garden is located in the Warrendale Neighborhood in Detroit on Minock & Whitlock. We are just asking for support. The Organization with the most votes on Feb.1st gets a $500 donation from Jack Demmer Ford .You can vote daily and please share just click the Jack Demmer link below then click on the In Memory of Community Garden your screen will then show a page with total votes for each group Thank You in advance for your support.

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