Beach Bum: #LittlePuppy #BigDreams

Contestant Name: Charlie Cliques

What can you win? Pixels Billboard Art Contest

Why you should vote for me: "Beach Bum" is a photograph by Charlie Cliques of a havanese dog resting in the sand on a beach in Marshfield, Massachusetts. Cape Cod beaches are a popular summer travel destination. The ocean breeze is peaceful and relaxing for both humans and canine! This image, captured on Green Harbor Beach, is digitally enhanced to reflect a soft sepia tone. #puppylove #saltyvibes #beachlife #DogLife #beachhair #summertime #ocean #dog #art #photography

Contest End Date: 07/31/2019

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Vote for #BeachBum to win the Pixels Billboard Art Contest! Create an account (easy way is to login with facebook) & click on “vote for this image” Pixels has a great artist community for anyone interested as well 🙂

Voting Frequency: Once

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