Boys and girls club of Puerto Rico Youth of the Year

Contestant Name: Aniris Melendez

What can you win? Different oportunities for college sponsorship, and new experiences for youth

Why you should vote for me: I've worked hard for a voice for us teenagers in different decisions taken by our government. I want to be the one to represent us and our dreams and hopes; letting the world know our youth still have hope and a whole community of teenagers is till making a change to be better citizens and future responsible adults.I wanna be part of a Change for good for Puerto Rico.

Contest End Date: 04/30/2019

Voting Website:

Voting Details:

You can vote up to 2 times , contest votes end on may 9 but the app wont let me choose it, no purchase or sign up necesary, this is a confidential vote that could change my life.

Voting Frequency: Once

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