Future Miss Jetset 2020 🖤🖤

Contestant Name: Amanda shaver

What can you win? year 2020 Jetset cover model- $50,000

Why you should vote for me: part of the prize money will help to ustomize the body of my 87' Chevy p/u my dad left me. I already have a new 350 vortec in it, plus entire front end is new. I need to buy some open land to make home for all the dogs I find & rescue. I gladly own 3 rescued pups now. Reading up on the B+ foundation has me wanting to help more; so I'm donating to them for sure. I gotta get tickets for the J. Jett- Motley Crue- & Def Leppard show this year. Hopefully I will be able to buy a killer bass guitar from Nikki Sixx. \m/

Contest End Date: 03/20/2020

Voting Website: https://jetsetmag.com/model-search/2020/amanda-shaver

Voting Details:

Follow link to my contest profile & near bottom of page click where you can vote free or where you purchase votes $1 each. a percentage of the money from all purchased votes goes to ‘B+ Foundation’- helping children & their families fight back against cancer.

Voting Frequency: Once

Contest Image:

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