Just watch me video contest

Contestant Name: Shorty

What can you win? 1000 Cash and prizes (various marketing advantages)

Why you should vote for me: We worked tirelessly for two weeks running a comedic mock up campaign trail trying to acquire votes. You can check out our YouTube channel just search for Shorty's Upcycling Studio! We make beautiful artistic furniture from scrap materials and parts and badly need this win in order to see how we can make sure our business flourishes this year. PLEASE HELP US and VOTE!!! I didn't know you could do this. I'm a little sad but truly giving this all I got by filling out this profile.

Contest End Date: 02/12/2018

Voting Website: http://www.justwatchmecontest.ca/voting/

Voting Details:

Go to the webpage and select the button that says Don Glenn Shortys Upcycling Studio. Click the tiny box on the left and scroll to the bottom if the page and hit vote! You can vote from as many devices as you have once every 24 hrs. But since contest closes in axfew hours it will be only one per device for you.

Voting Frequency: Once

Contest Image:

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