Contestant Name: ADFC Landesverband Hamburg e.V.

What can you win? Money to continue helping our green cause

Why you should vote for me: Klara is a free Transporter type bicycle that can be rented for free. The goal is to keep Hamburg green and the money won would help us buy a second bicycle. It takes 5 seconds of your time, please help us in saving our environment xx

Contest End Date: 06/30/2018

Voting Website: https://www.sparda-award.de/profile/adfc-landesverband-hamburg-e-v/

Voting Details:

Please click on the box that says “Ich bin kein Roboter” (i am not a Robot) and then the blue button “Abstimmen” (Vote) underneath it.

Voting Frequency: Once every 24 hours

Contest Image:

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