Lego UnBoxer

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What can you win? Family Trip and/or a bunch of Legos

Why you should vote for me: This is your chance to help a couple of really sweet and cool kids make their dream come true. Ages 6 and 7, these two boys have been telling us, their parents, over and over again, about how great it would be if we could take them one day to LegoLand. But the truth is, my wife and I can't really afford a trip like that. On one occasion, my wife and I got excited enough to look up the actual costs online, but between the airfare, hotel and park tickets, the grand total really just put our feet back on the ground. but now, this contest could help us make that dream come true. thank you!

Contest End Date: 12/10/2017

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Thank you for reading my vote request. The process is quite simple, you need to register in order to vote. No activation email necessary. To register, just click on the top right corner where it says “Registro” (I know, its in Spanish, I’m sorry!! but I swear this is a piece of cake) After that, just choose a User ID (Nombre de Usuario), a password (Contraseña), repeat password (Introduce de nuevo contraseña), your date of birth and then click the green button that says SIGUIENTE (Next). After that, just write down your email address, your country, whether you are a CHICO or a CHICA, check the “accept terms and conditions” box, and that’s it! These are the direct links to my kids so you can just hit that little heart icon at the bottom of the image.

Voting Frequency: Once

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