Mini Model Contest for Kids

Contestant Name: Dhriti Khandelwal

What can you win? Appriciation and exposure for the kid

Why you should vote for me: To help a small kid realize her dream. To support girl child

Contest End Date: 11/19/2019

Voting Website:

Voting Details:

Only one vote can be cast to any one contestant from one mobile/laptop/computer/wifi throughout the contest. For Indian Numbers: 1-Click on the link of voting. 2-Enter your mobile no 3-Choose the correct answer for the given question. 4-Click on Vote me button. 5-You will get 2 options one for entering the OTP & one for sending the text message. Opt for the second option to cast your vote. (Send SMS/Text ) the vote will get counted and you’ll get the confirmation msg on your mobile number. Note: If your vote has been confirmed through OTP or by clicking on the link given in message then you can not use the text msg option for doing the vote. Out of India voting process: 1)Click on the link for voting. 2)Select the country code 3)Enter your mobile number. 4) Choose the correct answer for given question. 5)Click on vote me button. 6)Follow the instructions given on the page. Type SHOWOFF (space) Contestant Id(5 or 6 digit no) Send it to the given number and your vote is counted automatically. International users will not receive any confirmation SMS.

Voting Frequency: Once

Contest Image:

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