Contestant Name: Bryan Goh

What can you win? S$500 and 8 PT Sessions

Why you should vote for me: My first health scare came in September 2017. I had been experiencing pain in my left knee for some time, prompting multiple visits to the GP and TCM for treatment. The doctors thought I was probably overworked. However, the pain worsened and I went to the hospital for diagnostic scans. A MRI scan revealed a giant cell tumor on my knee that required immediate surgery. After my surgery in November 2017, it was a long and grueling journey to recovery. I went on hospitalization leave for 3 months, and stopped all workouts during the rehabilitation period. My world came crashing down, as exercise is everything to me as an ex National Team Dragon Boater and competitive bodybuilder.

Contest End Date: 09/30/2019

Voting Website: https://newyou.fitnessfirst.com.sg/bryan-goh/

Voting Details:

I need this and I need your help with your vote and support

Voting Frequency: Once

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