Praxis İstikbal Scholarship -Vote For Melih Karaca-

Contestant Name: Melih Karaca

What can you win? Scholarship

Why you should vote for me: After the vote, confirmation mail coming to your mail adress. After confirming, the voting will be finish… You can vote many times with different e-mails Thank you for your interest and concern

Contest End Date: 11/30/2018

Voting Website:

Voting Details:

We have a young friend he is a brilliant person and he wants to study aerospace. He wants to study with a scholarship, because aerospace it’s too expensive. Praxis Istıkbal is making online vote for scholarship. If I request to you; can you vote for: -Melih Karaca- It’s about education and scholarship our young friend. Please help us about voting. Thank you for your interest and concern

Voting Frequency: Daily

Contest Image:

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