Show off photo contest round 1

Contestant Name: Sindura.G

What can you win? Entry to 2nd round

Why you should vote for me: Today is last day.pls vote for my daughter. Dear friends, My daughter is participating in an online photo contest held by "Show off-The first ever International Mini Model platform in the industry to promote the child in the glamorous world of fashion and cinema through an International contest –The Showoff Photo Contest." Please take out few minutes from your busy schedule to vote for her. And also share with your family and friends to vote for her.

Contest End Date: 06/20/2018

Voting Website:

Voting Details:

1.go to the link 2.enter your phone num the option which represents the given image correctly. 4.then click vote will get an otp.type the otp and confirm your vote.

Voting Frequency: Once

Contest Image:

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