Summer Job Contest!!

Contestant Name: Braylude

What can you win? If I win, I will be flown to Toronto for 3 weeks to monitor an automated lawnmower do it's thing while relaxing and getting paid!

Why you should vote for me: I really need to win this contest, I recently fractured my L5 vertebrae, and have not been able to work my normal job as a chef, and won't be able to return to work for at least another month. Also, I will be vlogging and doing a lot of exciting activities in Toronto on my off-days, and you can follow all of my adventures on instagram, or youtube! (

Contest End Date: 07/09/2019

Voting Website:

Voting Details:

To vote for me, go to the provided link, and click on the icon the entry thumbnail that has a black background and blue letters! You’ll know you’re on the right one if you see my instagram handle (@braylude) above my video!!

Voting Frequency: Once

Contest Image:

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