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Contestant Name: Natrify

What can you win? N/A

Why you should vote for me: As a group of environmental enthusiasts we noticed a huge gap in the Eco-Friendly products market, where a company is put between the choice of efficiency in terms of easiness in use, weight and price they had to use plastic and risk having a non-green profile or the compromise of this efficiency by going green and relying on one of the current substitutes which mostly needed customer education or did not meet the basic needs of the company

Contest End Date: 04/28/2021

Voting Website:[0]=AZVMlWPFLtME36UAJRZcBtb3Fg2ArLRkKqkufwroajIBd9aOCNVwvkxIQjzUkHmtb0POB3bNCGUdcmEDeHidcYe9iIj3KEgBuzJfWV_DobyU7Btl5rIr3E01XugGgbl2Wej8uqvEgqhxb639QJJt5p5ZG0eaGAbSITInXcc-WdYAAqlWP2k5RaTDl5cFOSx94gY&__tn__=-UK-R

Voting Details:

All you need to do is click on the link and vote for NATRIFY

Voting Frequency: Once

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