voters can win!! a KTM Duke 125 or a Riot box from Ready2music

Contestant Name: Michael Fried

What can you win? Fiat 500

Why you should vote for me: you also have the chance to win, and I belive my video is worth winning :)

Contest End Date: 08/31/2018

Voting Website:

Voting Details:

voters can win!! to vote: press the “Abstimmen” (that means vote) button, enter your email address in “Deine Email Adresse”, check the box “Teilnahmebedingungen akzeptieren” (accept terms), press “Stimme abgeben” – you will receife an email with a link to verify your vote and email address. You will not get any spam or junk mail – I promise!!! Each email can vote onc a day. Game ends on August 31st. Every time you vote you get a batch to win a KTM Duke 125 or a Riot box from ready2music. So you and I have the chance to win!

Voting Frequency: Daily

Contest Image:

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