Wedding competition

Contestant Name: Jolene en Rikus

What can you win? Wedding worth R 310 000

Why you should vote for me: We are engaged for 2 years now. Me and Jolene really want to get married. To make that lifelong promise to one other. At this stage of our lifes we can't save up for a wedding. So please vote for us, so that my fiancé can have her DREAM WEDDING.

Contest End Date: 06/24/2018

Voting Website:

Voting Details:

Hi All, Please go and VOTE for me and Jolene so that we can win our DREAM WEDDING. We really appreciate your support. Instructions- 1. Click on the link. 2. Mark our photo 3. Scroll to the bottom and click vote 4. SHARE with all your friends. 5. You are awesome😁 Thanks *PLEASE ONLY VOTE ONCE*

Voting Frequency: Once

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