Win VIP Backstage Passes to Allday

Contestant Name: Chloe

What can you win? VIP Backstage Passes

Why you should vote for me: I have been IN LOVE with this artist for 6 years now and would love to have the chance to not only meet him, but be backstage at his concert. I have been trying so so hard to win this and I know that I'm currently slacking behind by at least 10 people. It ends 18/5 midnight Brisbane time.

Contest End Date: 05/18/2019

Voting Website:

Voting Details:

All you have to do is click the link, click ‘Register for Presale Tickets’ then register with your email or spotify account. After that you’re all done, all in less than it took you to read this! You will receive an email but if you scroll to the bottom you can just unsubscribe at the end of it.

Voting Frequency: Once

Contest Image:

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